Adama launches Banzai fungicides to combat blight on tomato and potato crops in Brazil

Adama has launched the fungicide Banzai (Dimethomorph) to combat one of the major diseases affecting tomato and potato crops: the potato blight (Phytophthora infestans). Common in places with mild temperatures and, mostly, with high air humidity, the blight is found in all regions of Brazil and is one of the toughest diseases to control in agriculture.

The propagation of the disease happens through the wind, splashes of rainwater, and irrigation, and the first lesions are only visible after three to four days of contamination.

“Banzai is a very important fungicide for resistance management of fungi, and it is highly effective for the control of blight. Besides this, it does not cause toxicity and ensures a higher quality harvest,” explained the portfolio manager, Leandro Garcia.

According to research by Adama, Banzai has presented high efficiency when applied to crops of tomatoes and potatoes, which allows higher productivity and greater profitability for the farmer. The product will be available for sale in January 2017 through the main distribution channels.