Morpholine News Arçelik launches new Bio-fridge series using Trinseo BIO PS grade material

Arçelik launches new Bio-fridge series using Trinseo BIO PS grade material

Trinseo is proud to be associated with
Arçelik collaborates to use bioplastics to help them create unique

Forward-thinking companies around the world are committed to creating more sustainable products and working with their suppliers to achieve this goal. One of Trinseo’s major customers, Koç Group
The same goes for its subsidiary Arçelik, the world’s leading home appliance manufacturer.

In fact, increasing the recycled plastic content in products to 40% and bio-based material content to 5% has been included in Arçelik’s 2030
sustainable development goals. To achieve this goal, the company launched the Recycled Content Project at its production facilities around the world. One of the results of this project was the development of
Arçelik Bio-fridge, a refrigerator made from Trinseo’s bio-based polystyrene (PS) for the interior and drawer sections. Arçelik is at
The new product range is launched at IFA Berlin 2023, the world’s largest trade show for home appliances and consumer electronics, which opens on September 1, 2023.

Arçelik is one of the first companies to use bio-based PS materials, supplied by Trinseo, to build high-end refrigerators. Refrigerator liners and drawers are made of Trinseo BIO PS
Made of grade material. Using this biobased PS material from Trinseo complies with Arçelik
The focus of R&D is to develop high-performance, environmentally friendly recycled plastic formulas that can replace virgin plastics while ensuring product durability. Trinseo uses ISCC PLUS in production of BIO PS materials
The mass balance method certifies bio-based material content, a practice that helps minimize the carbon footprint. Trinseo’s BIO PS materials can also be used as direct replacements for fossil-based materials, performing the same as the original materials.

Trinseo offers STYRON™ BIO85 HIPS and STYRON™ BIO95 starting in 2021
GPPS, both products use styrene monomer replacement materials. The product carbon footprint (PCF) of both products is reduced by 71% and 84% respectively compared to baseline fossil-based materials.

Source: Trinseo internal product carbon footprint calculation

Whether using fossil-based or bio-based formulations, GPPS and HIPS
They are versatile materials and are suitable for applications ranging from household appliances to medical applications to food packaging and building insulation.

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