Morpholine Market “From megatrend to business” – Bayer MaterialScience vigorously develops business in the Asia-Pacific region

“From megatrend to business” – Bayer MaterialScience vigorously develops business in the Asia-Pacific region

The 2011 Asia Polyurethane Exhibition and the Ninth China International Polyurethane Exhibition (UTECH Asia/PU China 2011) has successfully concluded at Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. As a leading company in the industry, Bayer MaterialScience’s wonderful appearance is undoubtedly eye-catching. The spacious and bright booth and rich multimedia display lead us to appreciate Bayer’s various solutions to the future with the theme of “from major trends to business” Solutions to challenges.
The day before the exhibition, Bayer specially held a press conference to introduce in detail how it can help China, Asia and other parts of the world, from rural areas to cities, actively respond to challenges such as energy shortage, urbanization, population explosion and climate change. technologies and solutions. As a professional media, Tiantian Chemical Network was invited to attend the press conference, and had a face-to-face communication with the senior management of the company in the media question and answer session.
Dr. Hu Zuoqian, a member of the Management Committee of Bayer MaterialScience and the new head of the Polyurethane Business Unit, has achieved good results during his tenure as the head of the Coatings, Adhesives and Specialty Chemicals Business Unit. He said that he will lead the Polyurethane Business Unit to continue to maintain its leading position, and he himself is full of confidence in this: “The Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing region in the world, and China is the main driving force. After the economic crisis, the polyurethane market recovered. The momentum is strong, and I think polyurethane has a very good market prospect, and sales will increase significantly in the future.”

(Dr. Hu Zuoqian)

With the release of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for new materials, Shanghai, one of the major chemical cities in the country, has clearly defined the goal of building a polyurethane industrialization base. Bayer Advanced Materials has become a model of successful development in Shanghai. In December last year, Bayer China signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, announcing that Bayer MaterialScience will continue to invest about 1 billion euros in Shanghai before 2017, more than doubling the production capacity of polyurethane raw material MDI to 1 million tons /year, the production capacity of high-performance polycarbonate reaches 500,000 tons/year. Bayer also announced that the polycarbonate business headquarters will be moved from Germany to Shanghai. The implementation of these projects means that Bayer MaterialScience will invest more than 3 billion euros in Shanghai. Dr. Ou Huihua, Senior Vice President of Polyurethane Business Department of Bayer Material Technology Asia Pacific Region, said that the growth rate of MDI in China was 22% last year, which was double the 11% growth rate of China’s GDP. Last year TDI reached 25%. In addition, in terms of polyurethane as a whole, the per capita consumption of polyurethane in the United States is about 5 kg, that in Europe is about 2 kg, and that in the Asia-Pacific region is about 1.6 kg. These figures are enough to show that polyurethane has a huge development space in the Asia-Pacific region.

(Dr. Ou Huihua)

For the 250,000-ton TDI unit that started trial operation in July, Bayer adopted gas-phase phosgenation technology for the first time, which is the first time in the world that This technology was used on a large scale to synthesize and produce TDI. At the same time, Bayer also began to participate in the technology research and development of applying polyurethane materials to the field of solar aircraft. In this regard, the reporter of Tiantian Chemical Network expressed great concern and interest. Dr. Ou Huihua said that for Bayer, safety comes first. “We know that the products produced not only need to meet the analytical quality standards, but also need to meet the application standards. TDI is mostly used in the automotive industry, and we use the products Send it to different customers for trial, to test whether they meet the needs of industrial applications, and each batch must be inspected by customers. Our products are really easy to use before mass production. Bayer attaches the most importance to: 1. 1, safety, and 2, compliance. Similarly, the successful test flight of the solar-powered aircraft last time also proves that polyurethane materials are the safest.”

(Bayer MaterialScience exhibited the “Solar Impulse” solar aircraft cockpit cladding at PU Asia 2011)

Aiming at the current situation that the domestic TDI market has become saturated, a reporter from Tiantian Chemical Network asked how to maintain market share. Dr. Hu Zuoqian said that in the short term, the market is indeed fiercely competitive and under great pressure on profits, but in the mid-to-long term, with the support of integrated large-scale equipment and advanced technology, Bayer’s products have strong competitiveness, and the market must Integration and optimization will be carried out to adapt to the global competitive environment.
Dr. Ou Huihua also introduced that Bayer actively participates in the multi-faceted development and application of downstream products, and at the same time pays attention to the marketing and development of the industry market. “We not only enhance the supply of raw materials, but also understand the formation of value in each stage of the entire industry and the entire industrial value chain. In this way, we can provide a solution for the innovation of each value chainplan. ”
Ling Jia, reporter of Tiantian Chemical Network

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