5,5-dimercapto-2,2-dinitrobenzoic acid-preparation route

Study on the preparation method and application of 5,5-dimercapto-2,2-dinitrobenzoic acid_Kain Industrial Additive

Background and overview[1] It is also called DTNB (5,5′-Dithiobis-(2-nitrobenzoic acid)), which is the abbreviation of 5,5-dithiobis-2,2-dinitrobenzoic acid. DTNB is widely used in Analytical reagents in the field of biochemistry, Preparation[1] A total synthesis method of 5,5-dimercapto-2,2-dinitrobenzoic acid, including: Nitrification step: Add 24.3 mL (0.2 mol) of m-bromotoluene to a 250 mL three-necked flask equipped with a stirrer, condenser tube and thermometer. Add 28 mL of mixed…

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