Morpholine News The role of stannous octoate in the rubber industry

The role of stannous octoate in the rubber industry

The role of stannous octoate in the rubber industry

As an efficient organometallic catalyst, Stannous Octoate occupies an important position in the rubber industry, especially for room temperature curing In the production and application of silicone rubber (RTV Silicone Rubber). Stannous octoate has become one of the preferred catalysts in the manufacturing process of many rubber products due to its unique chemical properties and catalytic efficiency. Below we will delve into the specific role and importance of stannous octoate in the rubber industry.

Application in room temperature curing silicone rubber

Room temperature curing silicone rubber is a material that can be cured at room temperature and is widely used in electronics, construction, medical and aviation fields. The main feature of this type of rubber is that it hardens without heating, which greatly simplifies the production process and reduces energy consumption. The main role of stannous octoate is to catalyze the cross-linking reaction, allowing the linear silicone rubber molecular chains to form a three-dimensional network structure through the cross-linking points, thus completing the curing process. Compared with other catalysts, stannous octoate has higher catalytic efficiency and selectivity, and can promote the curing of silicone rubber more quickly and uniformly while reducing the generation of by-products.

Catalytic characteristics and advantages

The advantages of stannous octoate as a catalyst are:

  • High catalytic activity: Stannous octoate can significantly accelerate the condensation reaction between silanol groups (Si-OH) in silicone rubber, accelerate the curing process, and improve production efficiency.
  • Mild reaction conditions: Stannous octoate can effectively catalyze the reaction at or near room temperature, avoiding the adverse effects of high temperatures on the properties of rubber materials.
  • Controllability: By adjusting the amount of stannous octoate added, the curing speed of silicone rubber and the physical properties of the product, such as hardness, elasticity, etc., can be precisely controlled.
  • Wide applicability: Stannous octoate is suitable for a variety of silicone rubber systems. Whether it is single-component or two-component RTV silicone rubber, it can exert a good catalytic effect.

Application scope

The application of stannous octoate in the rubber industry is not limited to room temperature curing silicone rubber, but also includes:

  • Polyurethane rubber: In the production of polyurethane rubber, stannous octoate can also be used as a catalyst to promote the reaction between isocyanate and polyol and improve the elasticity and wear resistance of rubber.
  • Rubber additive: Stannous octoate can also be used as a stabilizer in rubber products to improve the weather resistance and anti-aging properties of the material.

Safety and environmental considerations

Although stannous octoate has significant application effects in the rubber industry, its chemical properties are reactive, it is easily oxidized, and it has certain potential effects on the environment and human health. Therefore, when using stannous octoate, appropriate safety measures must be taken, such as wearing protective equipment, operating in a well-ventilated environment, and following safe handling guidelines for relevant chemicals to reduce environmental pollution and hazards to operators. health risks.


The application of stannous octoate in the rubber industry demonstrates its excellent performance as a catalyst, especially in the production of room temperature curing silicone rubber. Greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. With the continuous progress of the rubber industry, the development and application of stannous octoate will continue to expand, providing more high-performance rubber material solutions for modern industry. At the same time, researchers and engineers in the industry are also committed to finding safer and more environmentally friendly catalyst alternatives to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

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