China Zx Dtbhq CAS 88-58-4 2 5-Di-Tert-Butyl-Hydroquinone – China 88-58-4, Zx Dtbhq

Basic Info. Model NO. CT6104 Zx Dtbhq Zx Dtbhq Trademark CT6104 Transport Package in 25kgs Drum Specification 98% Min Origin China HS Code 29 Product Description Customer Question & Answer Ask something for more details (0) ZX DTBHQ Basic information Product Name: ZX DTBHQ Synonyms: BHQ;DBHQ;Dibutylhydroquinone;DI-TERT-BUTYL HYDROQUINONE(2,5-);DI-T-BUTYLHYDROQUINONE;BUTYLHYDROQUINONE-TERT;2,5-BIS(2-METHYL-2-PROPYL)-1,4-BENZENEDIOL;2,5-DI-TERT-BUTYL-1,4-HYDROQUINONE CAS: 88-58-4 MF: C14H22O2 MW: 222.32 EINECS: 201-841-8 Product Categories: Industrial/Fine Chemicals;Anthraquinones, Hydroquinones and Quinones;Organic Building Blocks;Oxygen Compounds;Polyols;Calcium signaling;Signalling…

China Zx PC CAS 108-32-7 – China 108-32-7, Zx PC

Basic Info. Model NO. CT6106 PC PC Trademark CT6106 Transport Package in 200kgs Drum Specification 99.5% Min Origin China HS Code 29 Product Description Customer Question & Answer Ask something for more details (0) ZX PC  Basic information Product Name: ZX PC  Synonyms: (±)-Methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-one;(R,S)-4-Methyl-[1,3]dioxolan-2-one;1,2-PDC;1,2-Propanediol carbonate;1,2-propanediolcarbonate;1,2-Propanediyl carbonate;1,2-propanediylcarbonate;1,3-Dioxolan-2-one, 4-methyl- CAS: 108-32-7 MF: C4H6O3 MW: 102.09 EINECS: 203-572-1 Mol File: 108-32-7.mol     ZX PC  Chemical Properties Melting point …

China Zx AA CAS 123-54-6 – China 123-54-6, Zx AA

Basic Info. Model NO. CT6107 Zx AA Zx AA Trademark CT6107 Transport Package in 195kgs Drum Specification 99% Min Origin China HS Code 29 Product Description Customer Question & Answer Ask something for more details (0) ZX AA  Basic information Product Name: ZX AA  Synonyms: TIMTEC-BB SBB009914;PENTAN-2,3-DIONE;PENTANE-2.3-DIONE;2,4-Diketopentane;2,4-Dioxopentane;2,4-Pentandione;2-Propanone, acetyl-;Acetoacetone CAS: 123-54-6 MF: C5H8O2 MW: 100.12 EINECS: 209-984-8 Mol File: 123-54-6.mol     ZX AA  Chemical Properties Melting…


China Zx Txp CAS 25155-23-1 – China 25155-23-1, Zx Txp

Basic Info. Model NO. CT6108 Txp Txp Trademark CT6108 Transport Package in 200kgs Drum Specification 200 Max Origin China HS Code 29 Product Description Customer Question & Answer Ask something for more details (0) ZX TXP Basic information Product Name: ZX TXP Synonyms: TRIXYLENYL PHOSPHATE;TRIXYLYL PHOSPHATE;coalitentp;dimethylphenolphosphate(3:1);dimethyl-phenophosphate(3:1);ivviol-3;Phenol,dimethyl-,phosphate(3:1);phosflex179 CAS: 25155-23-1 MF: C8H11O4P MW: 202.144301 EINECS: 246-677-8 Mol File: 25155-23-1.mol     ZX TXP Chemical Properties Boiling point  ≥300 °C(lit.)…

China Zx Dmapa CAS 109-55-7 3-Dimethylamino Propylamine – China 109-55-7, 3-Dimethylamino Propylamine

Basic Info. Model NO. CT6102 HS Code 29 Product Description Customer Question & Answer Ask something for more details (0) ZX DMAPA Basic information Product Name: ZX DMAPA Synonyms: RARECHEM AL BW 0072;N,N-DIMETHYL PROPANE-1,3-DIAMINE;N,N-DIMETHYLTRIMETHYLENEDIAMINE;N,N-DIMETHYL-1,3-DIAMINOPROPANE;1-(Dimethylamino)-3-aminopropane;1,3-propanediamine,N,N-dimethyl-;1-dimethylamino-3-aminopropane;3-(Dimethylamino)-1-propanamine CAS: 109-55-7 MF: C5H14N2 MW: 102.18 EINECS: 203-680-9 Mol File: 109-55-7.mol     ZX DMAPA Chemical Properties Melting point  -60 °C Boiling point  133 °C(lit.) density  0.812 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) vapor density  3.6 (vs air)…

China Factory Supply Dmapa High Quality 3-Dimethylaminopropylamine CAS 109 55 7 – China Pharmaceutical Chemical, Factory Supply

Product Description 100% safe delivery . No custom issues,100% pass customs.DOOR TO DOOR service ! Wickr me/telegram: LwaxPhoebe109 55 7Molecular Weight: 102.17806Formula: C5H14N2Name: N,N-Dimethyl-1,3-propane diamine We supply all kinds of Pharmaceutical intermediates  .We located in Hubei,Wuhan ,the hero city . Everyday we ship goods to all over the World .We  ship by special line that shipping company do custom clearance and deliver to door. 100% safe…

Factory Price of Dmapa CAS 109-55-7 From China Supplier – China CAS 109-55-7, Dmapa

Specification of DMAPAAssay    9.50%minWater    0.5%maxColor      20 max Application of DMAPA– Catalyst for Knoevenagel condensation;–  Hardening agent for expoxy resin;– Used as intermediates for pesticides Packing of DMAPA165kg/iron drum, 80 drums=20"FCL19mt=ISOTank Storage of DMAPAStored in cool and airy place; away from fire and heat; handle with care;no breakage, avoid leakage.It is valid for 1 year under proper condition.3-Dimethylaminopropylamine DMAPA is classified as Dangerous…

China Hot Sale 3-Dimethylaminopropylamine Dmapa CAS 109-55-7with Low Price – China CAS 109-55-7, 109-55-7

Packing· 1kg/aluminium foil bag, with two plastic bags inside.· 25kg/fiber drum, with two plastic bags inside.Size:ID 42cm*H52cm,0.08m3/drum;Net Weight:25kgs Gross Weight:28kgs. Delivery≤50kg, Express delivery recommended, usually called as DDU service;≤500kg,Air shipping recommended, usually called as CIF service;>500kg, sea shipping recommended, usually called as FOB, CFR, or CIF service;For high value products, please select air shipping and express delivery for safety.About us        Shandong Zhishang Chemical…

China N, N-Dimethyl-1, 3-Propanediamine 99.5% Min C5h14n2 Mudanjiang Fengda Factory Supply 109-55-7 Dmapa – China Dimethyl Aminopropyl Amine, Dimethylaminopropylamine

DIMETHYL AMINOPROPYL AMINE(DMAPA) Molecular Formula: C5H14N2      Molecular Weight: 102.1769CAS No: 109-55-7Hazard Class:  8+3              UN No.: 2734Property: Transparent liquid.    The melting point: -70°CminBoiling point: 123°C, specific gravity (water=1):0.81 (30°C), relative vapor density(air=1):3.52, saturated vapor pressure (kPa) :1.33(30°C),flash point 37.78°C, solubility: dissolve in water and organic solvent. SpecificationUsage: Used as intermediates in organic synthesis, produce dye, ion exchange resin,…

China Supply 3-Dimethylaminopropy Lamine Dmapa – China N N-Dimethyl Propane-1 3-Diamine, Dmapa

Product Name:3-DimethylaminopropylamineMF:C5H14N2Purity: 99%Appearance:Colorless clear liquid Wuhan Golden Wing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd was founded in 2000, we are a professional supplier of Mainly four categories of products including Industrial & fine chemicals, APIs, Reagent & Lab Supplies, and Food & Food Additives. Our products are widely used in Food & Beverage industry, Chemical industry, and Pharmacy industries. We have established stable business relationship with more…

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