Morpholine News Contact lenses become screens with new coatings

Contact lenses become screens with new coatings

Contact lenses become screens with new coatings

Do you still remember the magical contact lens in the movie Mission: Impossible? You can take pictures in the blink of an eye and use it as a display screen! Now this technology is about to be realized, only But for the time being, contact lenses are used as part of the screen, as for the others, we will continue to wait.

According to foreign media, scientists from the Future Industry Research Institute of the University of South Australia have developed a polymer film coating that can conduct electricity on contact lenses and provide Microcircuits made possible.

They deposited the conductive polymer PEDOT onto a hydrated gel matrix by vapor deposition and mixed it with biocompatible components. The dehydrated gel matrix was pretreated with plasma to change its surface shape and chemical composition to promote the adhesion of the conductive PEDOT surface. Controlling the gas-phase polymerization process and composition turned the PEDOT-based coating into both biocompatible and highly conductive.

This technology can map the data and images of the device on the contact lens through the screen, and can be viewed directly without glasses.

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