1215-59-4 5-Benzyloxyindole

1215-59-4 5-Benzyloxyindole

  Post Date: Dec 07,2021   Expiry Date: Dec 07,2022   Detailed Description: Cas No. :1215-59-4 Identification Name 5-Benzyloxyindole Synonyms 5-(Benzyloxy)-1H-indole Molecular Structure Molecular Formula C15H13NO Molecular Weight 223.27 CAS Registry Number 1215-59-4 EINECS 214-930-1 Properties Melting point 96-102 ºC Safety Data Hazard Symbols Xi Details Risk Codes R36/37/38 Details Safety Description S26 Details MSDS Available   CAS Registry Number: 1215-59-4   Synonyms: ;bis-hydroxyethyl-p-aniline sulphate;bredreck`s;5-(Phenylmethoxy)-1H-indole;5-benzyloxy-indol;Benzyloxy-5 indole;Indole, 5-(benzyloxy)-;TIMTEC-BB SBB003331;Benzyloxyindole(5-);5-Benzyloxy-1H-Indole;5-Benyloxyindole;   Molecular Formula: C15H13NO…

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