Structural formula Business number 022C Molecular formula C12H10O Molecular weight 170.21 label o-biphenol, o-phenylphenol, o-phenylphenol, o-Xenol, 2-Biphenol, 2-Hydroxybiphenol, Fungicide Numbering system Physical property data Toxicological data Ecological data Molecular structure data Computing chemical data More Properties and Stability Storage method Synthesis method Purpose Numbering system CAS number:90-43-7 MDL number:MFCD00002208 EINECS number:201-993-5 RTECS number:DV5775000 BRN number:606907 PubChem number:24869050 Physical property data 1. Properties: What precipitates from petroleum…



  Post Date: Nov 25,2021   Expiry Date: May 24,2022   Detailed Description: Cas No. :1806-29-7 【Product name】 2,2-Biphenol  【CAS NO】 1806-29-7  【Quality Standard】  【Property】 White needle crystal or granular solid with a slight odor. Soluble in most organic solvents such as alcohol, ketone, benzene and sodium hydroxide solution, almost insoluble in water.  【Pharmacological action】  【Applicable disease】  【Usage & dosage】  【Precautions】 Irritating to skin and eyes. Staff should be…

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