(S)-3-hydroxypyrrolidine hydrochloride

(S)-3-hydroxypyrrolidine hydrochloride

  Post Date: Nov 26,2021   Expiry Date: Nov 26,2022   Detailed Description: Cas No. :122536-94-1 Quantity: 1Metric Tons (S)-3-hydroxypyrrolidine hydrochlorideCAS: 122536-94-1Molecular Formula: C4H10ClNOMolecular Weight: 123.581Names and IdentifiersName (S)-3-hydroxypyrrolidine hydrochlorideSynonyms S-(+)-3-Pyrrolidinol Hydrochloride(S)-Pyrrolidin-3-Ol Hcl(S)-Pyrrolidine-3-Ol HydrochlorideTimtec-Bb Sbb004272(S)-3-Hydroxy Pyrrolidine Hcl(S)-(-)-3-Pyrrolidinol Hydrochloride(S)-3-Pyrrolidinol Hydrochloride3-Pyrrolidinol, Hydrochloride, (3S)(3S)-Pyrrolidin-3-Ol Hydrochloride(S)-3-Pyrrolidinol HclCAS 122536-94-1InChI InChI=1/C4H9NO.ClH/c6-4-1-2-5-3-4;/h4-6H,1-3H2;1H/t4-;/m0./s1Physico-chemical PropertiesMolecular Formula C4H10ClNOMolar Mass 123.581 g/molBoling Point 224.7°C at 760 mmHgFlash Point 105.8°CVapor Presure 0.018mmHg at 25°CRisk and SafetyHazard Symbols Xi – Irritant   CAS…

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