Morpholine Related Application Product ALANINE-PROLINE,13485-59-1


  Post Date: Nov 24,2021
  Expiry Date: May 23,2022
  Detailed Description: Cas No. :13485-59-1 Quantity: 500Kilograms
Payment Method: T/T
Sichuan Tongsheng Amino acid Co., Ltd established in 2003, we are a company specializing in the research and production of amino acids ,amino acids derivatives and biochem reagent , an annual production capacity of more than 1,000 tons. We are an innovation , rapid growing biochem company.

Our company’s manufacturing of the products are carried out under full compliance with ISO9001:2000,production and quality management followed GMP standards , production workshops construct in accordance with GMP standard. Quality control conform to the pharmacyeutical-food CP level and Japan Ajinomoto AJI standard,American USP standard and Reagent grade BR standard.

  CAS Registry Number:


  Synonyms: Alanylproline;NSC 97932;1-L-Alanyl-L-proline
  Molecular Formula: C8H14N2O3
  Molecular Weight: 186.2084
  Molecular Structure: 13485-59-1 L-Alanyl-L-proline

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