Morpholine News The torch of Dalian Hengli New Materials Project was successfully ignited for the first time! Contains propylene oxide polyether polyol etc.

The torch of Dalian Hengli New Materials Project was successfully ignited for the first time! Contains propylene oxide polyether polyol etc.

Recently, the 1.6 million tons/year high-performance resin and new material project torch of Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., which was constructed by China Chemical Engineering No.11 Construction Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Branch, was successfully ignited in one go. , indicating that Dalian Hengli New Materials Project is officially ready for production, and all project work is progressing steadily according to the scheduled plan.

The project’s torch area and liquid separation tank area started construction on June 1. So far, a total of 2,200t of steel structure, 70,000 inches of process pipes, 900m³ of thermal insulation, 2,000m² of anti-corrosion, 16 static equipment weighing 1,100t, and 9 dynamic equipment have been completed. The construction tasks in the Torch Area were heavy, difficult, and the construction period was tight. All the personnel involved in the construction of the 11th Chemical Construction made careful arrangements, planned in advance, and actively carried forward the “Spirit of the Iron Army of Chemical Construction” during the construction process to serve the site. The purpose is to “advance technology, sort out materials, and do three welds to survive at one time.” In the case of a short construction period, the construction of the torch area of ​​the project was completed with high quality.

The torch area was successfully ignited once, which effectively promoted the project’s air intake and put into production, and was unanimously recognized and praised by the owners.

It is reported that the Dalian Hengli New Materials Project has accelerated the chain extension and strong chain fastening of Dalian’s petrochemical industry, opening up the golden chain of “from a drop of oil to a piece of cloth” and “from oil to refinement”. It plays an important role and is the key to Dalian Changxing. It is an important part of the island’s construction of a world-class petrochemical industry base. It is an important measure for Dalian to implement the “three major articles” of structural adjustment and the in-depth development of the “atomic number”. It is of great significance for promoting the upgrading of Dalian’s petrochemical industry to high-end.

Hengli Petrochemical High Performance Resin and New Materials Project

On June 7, a syndicate led by the Dalian Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. and composed of 13 banks entered into an agreement with Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. The new material resin project was officially signed. It is expected that the total loan scale provided to the project will reach12.366 billionyuan.

New material resin project

As a key project under construction in Dalian, Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) New Material Technology Co., Ltd.1.6 million tons/year of high-performance resins and new materialsand 2.6 million tons/year of functional polyester , 600,000 tons/year BDO and supporting projectsIt is an important project for Dalian’s petrochemical industry to extend, supplement and strengthen the chain and move towards the middle and high end of the value chain. It is also a key part of Dalian’s construction of a trillion-level green petrochemical industry cluster. ring.

This project can transform basic chemicals into high-end chemical and new material products, forming industrial chains and industrial clusters such as degradable materials, functional polyester materials, high-performance resin materials, high-end fiber materials, and new energy materials. After all are put into production, The new annual output value is 110 billion yuan.

At present, the first phase of the project has fully entered the peak period of installation, and the first batch of devices is about to be commissioned and started. At this critical juncture, the syndicate once again injected “financial vitality” into the development of the enterprise, providing a solid guarantee for the project to be completed, put into production, and bear fruit early.

1.6 million tons/year high-performance resin and new materials project

The total investment is nearly 20 billion yuan. The naphtha, C5 fraction, raffinate, C4 alkynes, benzene, etc. produced by Hengli Refining and Chemical Integration are used as main raw materials to build a 3 million tons/year K-COT (catalytic cracking to olefins). ) plant, 660,000 tons/year ethylbenzene plant, 27/600,000 tons/year PO/SM (propylene oxide/styrene) plant, 20/190,000 tons/year acrylic acid and ester plant ,300,000 tons/year ABS (acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B), styrene (S) terpolymer) unit, 300,000 tons/year butanol unit, 200,000 tons/year polyether polyol plant, 260,000 tons/year acrylonitrile plant, 50,000 tons/year butyl acetate plant, 45/200,000 tons/year MTBE (methyl tert-butyl ether)/butene- 1 unit, 30,000 tons/year polybutene-1 unit, and 100,000 tons/year methylamine/DMF (N,N-dimethylformamide) unit, a total of 12 sets of main units as well as supporting public auxiliary and environmental protection projects.

600,000 tons/year BDO and supporting projects

The total investment is 8.587 billion yuan and will be constructed in two phases. In the first phase, a 1 million tons/year n-butane separation unit, a 4×210,000 tons/year maleic anhydride unit, and a2×300,000 tons/year BDO unit will be added. , 100,000 tons/year succinic acid unit, 60,000 tons/year PTMEG unit and public works and auxiliary facilities. In the second phase, a 300,000-ton/year nitric acid unit, a 300,000-ton/year adipic acid unit, a 60,000-ton/year PTMEG unit, a 100,000-ton/year γ-butyrolactone unit, and a 100,000-ton/year NMP unit were added. , 400,000 tons/year nylon 66 device.

The downstream products of BDO (1,4-butanediol) include PBS/PBAT/PBT, PTMEG, NMP, etc., which are widely used in degradable materials, spandex, polyurethane, lithium batteries and other fields. In recent years, driven by downstream demand, BDO has become one of the most popular petrochemical products. The total domestic BDO production capacity announced to be under construction exceeds 25 million tons, some of which may be difficult to implement. It is expected that China’s BDO production capacity will exceed 6.5 million tons in 2025, and BDO cost control and downstream industry chain planning will become the key to competition.

2.6 million tons/year functional polyester project

This project is Hengli Group’s plan to build a new polyester project with an annual output of 2.6 million tons in Changxing Island Industrial Park based on the existing refining and chemical integration project. It mainly produces industrial silk-grade polyester chips, film-grade polyester chips, photovoltaic Materials: polyester chips and film-grade masterbatch polyester chips and other high-end chemical products. With a total investment of 4 billion yuan, it is planned to build three new 600,000 tons/year production lines, two 300,000 tons/year production lines, and two 100,000 tons/year PET production lines, including about 1,500 pieces of equipment.

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